CBD Bath, Body & Hair

All our CBD bath, skin and body products are locally made and offer a variety of benefits both inside and out. Our CBD Skincare Collection revitalizes and relaxes while providing a luxury experience with every soak or shower!

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cbd bath bomb

CBD Bath Bomb – Twilight


A soothing and relaxing blend of natural lavender and vitamin E. Weighing in at 80grams, and containing 100mg of CBD to help relieve aches, pains and tired muscles.




cbd shampoo

CBD Shampoo


Our CBD Shampoo is specially-formulated with a unique blend of Hemp, Argan, and other essential oils that cleanse, hydrate and nourish hair and scalp. Safe for color-treated hair. Great hair starts at the roots.

cbd bath bomb

CBD Bath Bomb – Bubblegum


A delicious scented blend of sweet bubblegum and relaxing essential oils. Weighing in at 80grams, and containing 100mg of CBD to help relieve aches, pains and tired muscles.




cbd conditioner

CBD Conditioner


Our CBD Conditioner complements your wash with its carefully crafted mix of nature-based ingredients and oils that retain moisture for ultimate frizz-free manageability and shine.

cbd haircare

Shampoo & Conditioner

£19.99 £17.49

Save £4 when buying both CBD shampoo and conditioner, great for dry scalp, dandruff and keeping your hair in tip top condition.



CBD Body & Massage Oil


A ready to use pre-blended massage and body oil. Contains a combination of relaxing essential oils including Ylang Ylang and Patchouli, to stimulate and tantalise the senses. Apply a small amount to the body, neck and shoulders or soles of the feet. Can also be applied daily as a hydrating body oil.




CBD Face Mask – Lavender Night


Replenish your skin and improve your sleep quality with the Lavender CBD Face Mask. This gently soothing product promotes healthy skin in a calming way. Containing 20mg of active broad-spectrum CBD, this face mask will make you wake up feeling rested and refreshed.

CBD Face Mask – Aloe Vera


This 20mg broad-spectrum face mask is designed to heal and tighten your skin. Infused with aloe vera, this mask will leave your skin feeling refreshed and enhance your natural glow.

CBD Face Mask – Cucumber


To make our CBD Cucumber Face Mask one of the best CBD beauty products in the market, we designed it to deliver a hefty dose of CBD and soothing cucumber exactly where you need it the most.