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Our Legal CBD flowers are derived from the highest quality hemp strains. They are bred specifically to yield high CBD and low THC contents and are 100% legal in the UK.


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moon rocks

CBD Flower Buds – Moon Rocks

£ 13.99 £ 12.99

Moon Rocks Hemp Flower rolled in Kief!

These amazing nuggets of pure gold are our Blue Dream hemp flower rolled in high CBD Kief, this produces an awesome looking bud & hence where the name ‘Moon Rocks’ comes from.


CBD Flower Buds – Gorilla Glue

£ 13.99 £ 12.99

Our new Gorilla Glue has a massive 20% CBD. It’s pungent, earthy, piney notes and uplifting, energetic effects, make this hemp strain a real soul-sister of its THC counterpart. With less than 0.2% THC this strain provides a clear headed, happy, get-up-and-go energy making it a perfect daytime strain.



CBD Flower Buds – Girl Scout Cookies

£ 13.99 £ 12.99

Girl Scout Cookies 14% Hemp Flower Buds, These buds are quite ‘popcorny’ like little cookies, you have to salute who ever picked these as each little bud is a pure gem. The size of these buds are not to be sniffed at & is a great flower addition to our collection


CBD Flower Buds – Lemon Haze

£ 13.99 £ 12.99

Another top notch barnstormer added to our collection, this indoor grown masterpiece from Switzerland is possibly one of the best hemp buds on these shores, period!, With a zesty aroma & bug chunky buds weighing in with a whopping 15% CBDA we highly recommend giving this UK legal Hemp flower a try.


CBD Flower Buds – White Russian

£ 14.99 £ 12.99

White Russian Hemp Flower, Amazing new UK Legal CBD hemp flower that is almost impossible to believe its only CBD, Its origins are with the dutch breeder Serious Seeds & is a cross of AK-47 & White, winning numerous cups along the way. Of course this is its CBD Cousin & she’s bristling with trichomes & ginger hairs.

CBD Flower Buds – White Widow

£ 13.99 £ 12.99

White Widow Hemp Flower, Nice dense chunky buds with a great aroma, 18% CBD

High quality indoor strain that we believe is better than the White russian!



CBD Flower Buds – Blue Dream

£ 13.99 £ 12.99

Blue Dream, This Sativa dominant hybrid hemp flower has tight dark buds glistening with trichomes & ginger hairs, It is most certainly one you would take home to your mother (or father). Crossing a Blueberry indica with Sativa haze with a sweet berry aroma.