Why Should You Keep CBD In Your First Aid Kit

Why Should You Keep CBD In Your First Aid Kit

If you don’t keep a first aid kit at home, you probably should. There is no telling what you or your family members can get themselves into and you should always be prepared. When starting or replenishing your first aid kit, it can be overwhelming. There’s plasters, antiseptic, Neosporin, pain relief pills, pain relief spray, burn spray, sunburn cream, and some gauze to wrap you all up. If you want to make your first aid kit a little lighter, you can replace a good amount of what you would typically buy with CBD products.

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Small Cuts and Scrapes

CBD can be used for small cuts and scrapes. The first thing it will do is calm the skin down around it, reducing inflammation. Hemp oil also has antibacterial properties. This means, that while it is soothing the skin around your wound, it is also cleaning it. Many balms and salves also come with aloe and eucalyptus, which will give a cool

ing sensation helping to dampen the pain.


Mosquito Bites

The reason mosquito bites are so itchy is because of your immune system. When the mosquito plunges into your skin to draw blood, it is also injecting you with its saliva. The proteins in the saliva are an outside threat, so the immune system hurries down to get to work to get rid of them. This makes the skin swell, and the itchiness begin. CBD is well known for how well it regulates the immune system. By using hemp skin cream, you can tell your cells to stop flooding the area, wh

ich will make the itching go away.


Help With Upset Stomach

One thing you always need in your first aid kit is something to keep you and your loved ones from throwing up and feeling nauseous. It can come from more than just the flu, people feel sick for all types of reasons.

Anxiety and Stress

Hang Over

Food Intolerance




Motion sickness

Cannabidiol has proven to help with nausea and vomiting.  Whether you are car sick or recovering from too much to drink, using hemp oil will quickly relieve your nausea so you can get back to your day.



Even if you personally don’t have seizures, it is always good to have some medicine that can help calm the muscle movements. Since really anyone could have a seizure, CBD oil is good to have in your kit because it is effective and safe for almost anyone. Even dogs can benefit from this remedy. Hemp oils are also useful for involuntary twitches you might get from muscle spasms. Using CBD oil can help you reduce the reactions in your muscles and gain more control.

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Panic Attacks

With anxiety being so prevalent in our society, it is always good to have something on hand that can help someone with a panic attack. CBD tinctures and e-liquids are the most common form used to treat panic attacks. It works quickly and can be used in most places. Panic attacks can be very terrifying even if they only last a few minutes. Put some CBD in your bag so you have a quick go to in a time you might not be able to think.


Symptoms of a panic attack



Rocking, swaying


Flushed Face


Pain relief

Like any first aid kit, it is most likely going to be used when someone is hurt. Scrapes, cuts, bruises, jammed finger, and sore muscles, hemp can help it all. Using creams, sprays, and lotions, you can naturally relieve pain while you help your wound heal quicker without all of the chemicals that are in over-the-counter medicines. If you are clumsy and are always bruising yourself, CBD can help your skin not be so sensitive. It can even help with the pain that comes with skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis.


If you have an infection starting in an open wound, using hemp-based products can help calm the infection. CBD’s relationship with the immune system will force it to tackle the problem without spreading throughout the body to make it worse. If your infection is too far gone, however, it is recommended you go to a doctor to receive professional treatment.


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